Alexander is The Greatest Ancient Military Commander

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Alexander the great is debated by many to whether or not he was the greatest ancient world military commander. He had a strategic prowess on the battlefield, he always kept morals among his men high, and had a ruthless attitude where he thought of no accomplishment as unattainable. Although he had his flaws, Alexander is the undisputed greatest ancient world military commander.

He had an abnormal upbringing that bred him to be the greatest. Alexander III was born in Pella, Macedonia, in 356 B.C a(“Alexander the Great”). His dad, Philip II, conquered all Greek city states except for Sparta. He was assassinated and his plans to defeat Persia were passed on to his son Alexander (World History). His dad wanted to cultivate and breed a future king. He gave Alexander the best training in fighting and horse riding. He tamed Bucephalus “Untamable” a horse when he was 11 (Mark, Joshua J). He passed the two tests of Macedonian manhood: Kill a wild boar and a human enemy .He did both of these before succeeding the throne. He was also a good hunter (Cartledge). Alexander was thrown into the ring at the young age of 20, not only having to fill his father’s shoes but carry out his plans after Philip was assassinated.

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Alexander’s first battle was the battle of Granicus. It was one of the battles in the Persian wars and he crushed the Persians. Although victorious, Alexander had a near death experience after having to fight his way out of being surrounded by enemy forces. He made himself known In 333 B.C., Alexander and his men encountered a massive Persian army led by King Darius III himself near the town of Issus. They faced each other head on. Alexander’s forces were greatly outnumbered in men but not in experience and they all seeked revenge for Persia invading Greece years before (“Alexander the Great”). Alexander saw Darius with his own eyes and charged him. He injured Darius who fled the battle. Alexander’s army had Darius’s on their heels, and were pulling ahead but greatly hurt the Persians after they watched their leader flee. The more even fight turned greatly in the Greeks favor after they all got energized from watching Alexander fight for them and send Darius on a retreat.

The Persian army retreated after him, resulting in another Alexander victory, and now Alex was in Darius’s head. He then laid siege to the heavily-fortified island of Tyre in January 332 B.C., after the Tyrians, who weren’t his enemies, refused him entry. But Alexander had no navy Tyre was surrounded by water (“Alexander the Great”). Alexander instructed his men to build a path over the water to reach Tyre. All went well until they came came close to the island and were within striking distance of the Tyrians.

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