Alexander – Intelligent, Ambitious, and Complex Individual

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Alexander The Great is arguably one of the most established figures in history, and is widely considered to be the greatest military general who ever lived. He is also considered an incredibly complex individual by most historians, with strong debates regarding the nature of his character. Many consider Alexander the Great to be a bloodthirsty dictator whose own ego drove him to attempt to conquer and rule the entire planet.

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Others, however, consider Alexander the Great to be a sophisticated and open minded individual who strived to create a melting pot of different cultures while seeking the truth and knowledge of the universe. While every historian sees Alexander the Great in a different light, both sides of the debate carry an accurate and diverse truth to them. It could easily be argued that Alexander the Great was both an ego motivated authoritarian with an iron fist as well as a worldy and highly cultured philosopher. Wherever one stands in the debate, there is no arguing that Alexander was a highly intelligent, ambitious, and complex individual. History has awarded him the nickname the Philosopher in Arms(Plutarch.)

Alexander The Great’s conquest to build an empire was one of the most successful and influential in ancient history. His empire spanned approximately two million square miles between Greece and India. Astonishingly and perhaps most impressive, he was only thirty years old by the time he conquered this vast empire, which only took him twelve years to accomplish(Lindsay.) His empire spanned across three continents that included Europe, Africa, and Asia. Alexander erected over seventy cities between these three continents, the majority of which he named after himself(History- Alexander the Great, BBC.) While historians do know a great deal about Alexander, the question still remains: was he driven to create this empire by his ego and desire for greatness, or was he driven by his desire for knowledge?

There is no denying that Alexander the Great had an ego of immense proportions. From the time he was a young boy, he was raised to believe that he was a God, destined for greatness: Prentice says that ?Alexander from now on was declared and declared himself to be of divine origin(-Robinson, Jr. 331.) Having been a pupil of the brilliant philosopher Aristotle in combination with being trained by his father, King Philip of Macedonia, another brilliant military leader, perhaps Alexander truly was destined for greatness from birth. His own father, King Philip of Macedonia, told Alexander Seek a kingdom equal to yourself; for Macedonia cannot contain you. after he managed to tame an erratic, wild horse at the age of thirteen(Plutarch, 5.) Alexander strived for greatness in all of his conquests, and was determined to be the greatest in everything he participated in: …When the men who attended Alexander asked if he wanted to compete in the foot race at the Olympic Games (for he was swift-footed),

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