Alcohol Prohibition in the United States

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It has been quite a few years since the breaking news of prohibition was announced. In summary of what has occurred lately, in 1919, the 18th Amendment was passed, which prohibited the production, transportation, and sale of any type of alcohol in the United States but did not prevent the drinking of said alcohol. This created a demand for an illicit supply of booze.

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Organizations such as The Anti-Saloon League and The Temperance Movement have been working to pass Prohibition since the early 20th century. The Anti-Saloon League was founded in 1893. It used church services to promote the cause and soon became one of the most important temperance administrations. The league supported candidates solely based on whether they supported Prohibition and was most interested in legislative results.

The Temperance Movement was a social movement that fought for restraint in the consumption of intoxicating drinks and encouraged complete abstinence. Many of society’s faults, such as health problems, crime, and poverty, were blamed on alcohol, so the temperance movement worked against alcohol consumption to fix these issues. Thus, through the thought that that no drinking would improve moral behavior by reducing corruption, solving various social problems and improving health in America, the Prohibition Era was launched. However, it did just the opposite of that, causing an increase in crimes and in criminal behavior. Since, the demand for liquor is so high right now, people are going to extremes to find it. Prohibition has contributed to more and more organized crime in major cities. Some people have been attempting to make their own alcoholic beverages.

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