Aids and Role of Youths to Create Awarness

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“AIDS AND ROLE OF YOUTHS TO CREATE AWARNESS ABOUT AIDS AMONG PEOPLE” most commonly AIDS is called as silent killer, The main reason for AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) is HIV (Human Immuno Defiency virus). when this virus enters our body, immediately changes into RNA, and then spreads quickly. After that it starts to destroy the white blood corpuscles. Because of this our resistance towards diseases gets decreased. actually thr is an difference between aids and hiv.. that is, the final stage of the hiv virus is called aids,at this stage the human body cannot withstand even an ordinary cold. In the year 1996 according to the survey, about 5000 persons per day were affected by AIDS in the whole world. In 1996, it was also discovered that the virus can be controlled to a certain extent. The survey in 2002, says that about 3. 97 millions of people are suffering from this disease in India. many thinks that the virus spreads when we shake hands or eat together or kiss the affected persons or even use their clothes or even through musquito bites.. but 100% it is not possible.. becoz it is not an communicable disease. it can be transmitted only by the following modes: 1. Unprotected hetero contact. 2. Injection which is used without sterlising after using for HIV/aIDS affected person. 3. when we use the Blood of HIV affected person. 4. From the pregnant lady who is affected of AIDS to the child or through milk feeding. and the Symptoms may be: 1. Loss of 10% or more body weight 2. Fever of unknown origin 3. Pneumonia, brain tumours, unremitting diarrhea, swelling of lymph glands. then i ll speak about the Role of youth in HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention: Today’s youth is going to build tomorrow’s future.

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