Agoraphobia Research

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Agoraphobia is a situation where fear characterized with anxiety is believed to enter into certain locations or at vacuum. Phobic in our understanding can be said to be an order that is marked by persisting an irrational fear of any type of object or any situation that cannot pose or bring forth any danger that can be realistic in nature. Today this has taken another direction where it is seen as a disorder that is brought about by fear thus presently known to be a panic disorder.

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these disorders can be characterized by the ongoing attacks by which they are overwhelmingly causing anxiety that cannot be recognized as it takes on without consent of the culprit thus becoming an emergency action. Written (1998) Research that have been conducted, in its evidence it gives clear support that much exposure therapy can pose a threat which is the major component of agoraphobia. Ignorance by minority of the patients usually does not respond to this in time and may experience tough situations. Therefore, patients are expected to note that their symptoms which come hand in hand with this situation. The symptoms may change throughout the situation. This therefore brings the necessity to examine the different processes possibly through psychological and also self-assessment. (Carpenter, Wyckoff, Trull, 2016)

To overcome these challenges, the variability of the data may seem to be so high and may fail to analyze the problem of the research well. Therefore, in order to address the situation well there is a reason to come up with an approach that will correlate with the variable structural. By this clear response which will supplement to the findings of this disorder related symptoms. Many people do fails to manage their symptoms which bring a big change in what they live their normal life, how they plan their activities and how they will relate with others. Despite much effort they always find themselves in these problems. There are risks that come up with this situation of agoraphobia. But on the other hand their male counter parts, psychologically it can be determined that they are suffering and are they are said to be looked carefully. According to the report given by researchers, the data analyzed does suggest that there is likelihood of getting somebody shall once in his or her lifetime be diagnosis with this situation. The DSM-IV-TR (APA, 2000) gives a report that the panic disorders rates are up to 3.6% of the population that research was conducted on to (Katon, Richardson, Lozano, & McCauley, 2004). The method which was used to get this information was qualitative research which was conducted in order to get the concrete and very reliable information regarding agoraphobia.

Information obtained was all about one man experience.. This work followed the general guidelines which are followed when conducting qualitative research.

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