Age of Discrimination

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to be here today to discuss with you an issue that has been around for centuries. An article was published in the Ms. Magazine recently about a young man Brent Staples who was singled out as different because of the color of his skin like many others around the world.

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As you can see this story hits home to many individuals as well as myself because I am of color too. I would like to enlighten you today on this topic of prejudicial outlook on racial discrimination. For black people, experience holds a dear school, and the knowledge they acquire is based largely on the experience of living while black in a society that is dominated by non-black people. While American society is often ideologically characterized as privileging equal opportunity, the everyday reality of the masses of black people is that of being peculiarly subordinate in almost every way, but this is especially true when they venture into essentially white spaces. So, ask yourself why should people of color be treated differently? We self-question our self because of what other people think of our race. We are looked at as murderers, dangerous criminals, muggers and much more.

Imagine living life every day in fear knowing that everywhere you go, everything you do is being observed and judged by people. Imagine walking to a convenience store or a clothing store and having someone watch your every movement thinking you’re going to steal an item. Imagine being mocked and disliked at your school because your different from other people. No one likes to be left out, but then why do we judge? Why do you pass the torch of unforgiving world? Why do you set a fire of hatred? Why do we discriminate? Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, there is always somebody different from you.

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