Age Discrimination in the Workplace

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In this current time, age discrimination has increased reported incidents around the world. For many, this type of discrimination is hampering the rights of employees or artists who were given less priority to claim a certain privilege or opportunity. This is due to the preference of institutions and groups towards the younger generation who are more active and cooperative.

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The aging population is concerned that this type of discrimination can significantly affect their emotional integrity due to the intimidating factors caused by stereotyping companies. However, there are new laws that are attempting to prevent this situation from happening in the future. Companies are usually apprehended after finding out that they have been involved in discriminative nature towards individuals who are subjected for apprehension. Now, the law of discrimination is slowly gaining presence around the world due to its negative impact to the community with the elderly population (Prokurat, 2012).

As for the case of Liebman v. Metropolitan Life Insurance, the issue is all about discrimination on the basis of age. Employees were restricted from receiving benefits as well as having the threat on discontinuing their employment contract based on their older age group. As a result, their financial and emotional well-being is compromised due to the fact that elderly employees are already singled out by the company. The main goal is to employ younger individuals who are more technically skilled and does not have any medical conditions to continue the business efficiently. As a response to this application, limiting the aging workforce has been generating a concern to the community due to the unfair treatment of Metropolitan Life Insurance. Although there are laws prohibiting age discrimination, this law is not totally implemented as it causes an individual to become degraded with a privilege on working with the company whom does not want older employees.


Older employees have benefits to claim, which are the insurances and job opportunities since they are still productive as the younger population. The most interesting fact in this feature is their ability to comprehend simple tasks provided by the company, old school etiquette. This is because there are new laws that provide multiple privileges for the elderly to receive benefits as they have already contributed significant productive practices in the community. Instances of age-related discrimination are often managed by the Supreme Court if there are brave elderly employees who managed to file for a legal lawsuit against their employer. The involvement of the Supreme Court generates public attention due to the nature of the lawsuit that provides a wake-up call for companies to start considering age discrimination to become more affiliated with equal treatment. Example is when an employee is fired due to a health condition, which attracts the attention of the authorities.

Elderly employees are understandably weaker as compared to the younger generation.

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