African American Slavery

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All over the U.S. there are people from all different backgrounds and all are being exposed to discussions about there race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and their culture. Now a day we cant allow to have these tough conversations to be ignored (Boland/Hemmler).

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Its hard for kids now a day to feel comfortable in these conversations especially being in the room with another human from a different race but it needs to be done. It is important for schools to discuss these principles of all different backgrounds so that kids can grow up feeling comfortable about talking about what may have happened in the past.

Everyone comes a background that gives us our identity that shapes us to see ourselves and others. Our social and cultural backgrounds do just only influence our experiences, its also the way we view the world for the rest of our lives (Boland/Hemmler). The differences in each humans identity is apart of the United States History and it has been real struggle to have mutual respect for people that come from different religious, racial, and ethnic group that has came into the United States back than and now it still goes on. The same goes on for humans that are different gender, sexual orientation, and people with disability. The way you look at another human comes from where your background and how you were raised.

Americans dont always view themselves as being privileged because of there social status. They dont see what their societal privilege is really worth. The term societal privilege is commonly used in the use of describing someones social inequality, usually in regard to age, disability, ethnicity, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and social class. One has societal privilege is having advantages that they dont earn.

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