Affect Of The Salem Witch Trials

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The Salem Witch Trials still affects and haunts the American imagination today. When the event occurred in 1692, the colonial authorities has banned any publications that talked about or were related to it. Because they do not want people to spread any rumors that hurt the villages and make people alienated by it.

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After the crisis, Governor Phips wrote a letter to Privy Council and said: put a stop to the Print[ing] of any discourse one way or the other that may increase the needless disputes of people upon this occasion because I saw a likelihood of Kindling an inextinguishable flame.

But this event was very popular and especially, it was a good example of mass hysteria so even Governor Phips was trying to stop people writing about it but he could not. Nowadays, the world is developing, human is developing, people get more interest to something weirdly. People like to read about their history, people like venturing weird theories about fungus bread, they like to listen some strange stories, especially that story is a real story. Based on knowledge of Americans appetite, many people were written about the Salem Witch Trials, some makes up it to make it more vivid. One of the most famous books about this event and talk more correct about it is The Witches by Stacy Schiff, this book was helped her got Pulitzer Prize and became one of her best selling. No matter how she wrote the book, no matter how its cover looks, or no matter how it reads. Because it was fit to American appetite, it became popular.

The number of published books written about the event is not countable.At the certain time, people look back on the Salem Witch Trials and some books, movies about it and regarded them as a psychoanalyst listing the elements of a patientr’s neurosis.

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