Advertising Ethics 4

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Ethics and Advertising Sisley Fashion Junkie This Sisley ad is not just unethical but also denigrating for the fashion industry. It represents two models consuming a product from a shirt that appears to be cocaine. The the slogan “Fashion Junkie” is establishing a correlation between drugs and fashion. The company is promoting the product in an inappropriate and immoral way. Drug abuse is an issue attacking todays’ society, thousands of adolescents dye every year as a result of the ingestion of illegal substances like cocaine, crack and heroin. Governments enforce strict laws prohibiting the production, exportation and importation of such goods but it is a tough fight due to the considerable amounts of money this market generates. Drug addiction is a disorder that drastically changes somebody’s lifestyle, social life and overall health. Addicts feel an uncontrollable desire to consume drugs or alcohol, they self destruct and in the majority of the cases do not want help. Families, together with hospitals, church facilities and government organizations are fighting this terrible decease that is attacking our society on its weakest point; youth. Advertisements influence millions of lives every second around the world, this ad is a classic example that some companies would do anything to stand out on the market even promote an illegal and harming product like cocaine. The fashion industry is a center point, it crates prototypes. Girls and boys want to be like the beautiful models they see on the screen. If their role model is promoting drugs as if it was something as fashionable as clothe, this message will translate into a big issue in the future. In the other hand fashion companies have developed the idea of a beautiful woman being extremely skinny and tall. This stereotype is clearly illustrated in Sisley’s ad where the models are extremely skinny so,

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