Advertising and Promotion in Business

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Task 1 – The three communicational theories of business Task 02 – The Role and Importance of Advertising Task 03 – Below the line Techniques and their usage. Sales promotions Direct mail Ability to plan integrated promotional strategies

Task 1:- The three communicational theories of business

  1. Electronic theory: – understands the dynamic communication aids in delivering messages clearly to the receiver. The process of the electronic theory is t is based on, and uses the language of, electronics. Emails, smart phone messaging system are using the electronic theory which information will be delivered in electronic ways.
  2. Social environment theory- is based on the workplace. It is essential to understand to whom we are talking their position. We also have to respect the rules and culture while communicating to each other.
  3. Rhetorical theory: – this theory targets not only the receiving message but also the respond produced.

The information and Communication technologies are changing in day to day life style. They are improving the way a message delivers to a audience. The ways of adverting are using website, other company website banners, classified, multimedia presentation, flyers and posters. The type’s advertisements are Product advertisement which is selling a single product such as mobile phones, electronic goods. Product advertisement only targets a limited people who will be using that product or services. Business advertisement is to make the company brand familiar to the audience. For example the brands most commonly known by the people are Nike, Timberland, Apple products. Service advertisement suggest the advertises service. Examples of service advertise are Government, Tourism and banking. As the latest technologies are gradually getting demand, advertising in a website will be idle for targeting the customers. Most of the users browse and prefer to shop online. In order to sell products online it is essential to details every specification of the product so that it will be easy for the clients to understand how the product or services will work before they purchase. Main important information that should be displayed if using website for advertisement is the company name, product name and contact information. The most popular online shopping website are ebay and amazon which allow many suppliers to sell product online and also allows the clients to review the services they get while shopping online and which may help the users who visit the product to understand a general knowledge on how the services are given to the customers. The technology is changing people on how they shop. Most of them prefer shopping online and even the high street retailers are making their products available online as well. The important advantage or using website to advertise product online are the product can be advertised in the same country or make it visible for other countries as well.

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