Advance Strategy: Savola Group

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Advance Strategy: Savola Group Table of Contents Introduction: Mission and Vision: Internal assessment: Current Ratio: Return on assets: Debt to worth ratio: Profitability Ratio: External Assessment: Strategy Formulation: Works Cited


Savola Group a Saudi Arabia based company. The company was incorporated way back 1979. The company is the manufacturer and seller of edible oil and vegetable ghee. The company has become one of the most successful and fastest growing company in UAE, in the edible oil and food market. The company has presence in Gulf and the Middle East Region, North African and Turkey. The product portfolio includes Edible Oils, Vegetable Ghee, Sugar, and Pasta. Savola Group has its own hypermarkets and super markets in UAE and in many other regions. The revenue and the profit of the company has grown substantially. The profit figure of 2013 was pegged at SAR 2.07 Billion, an increase 21.6% from the 2012 figure. The revenue figure for 2013 stood at SAR 26.6 Billion in comparison to SAR 25.3 Billion of 2012 (Group, 2015). The auditing part is not only to express view and opinions about the financial statement of any entity it also involves the professional ethics, scepticism during the course of the audit. The audit is more related to conduct of audit and expressing the opinion about the manner in which accounts are maintained. The audit report shall also contain the reservations about financial statements. The auditor shall comply with the ethical requirement to the audit of financial; statement. The auditing part will be completed within next 30 days and the complete over view of the company can be prepared and understood from this exercise. The business strategy of the company is to grow in the region and to increase its foot hold in that region. The economics concepts plays important role taking the ultimate decision on business policies. The managerial economics is all about creating the right mix of resources to attain the best possible result for the company. The above definitions establish the correlation between theory of economic and business decision making. The managerial economics is most modern concept in terms of an organisation effectively using the firm’s scare resources. The managerial economics is all about making decision regarding the customer base, competitor and future decision making. The decision making process draws information from regression analysis, correlation and calculus (Stengel, 2011). The applicability of strategic planning and managerial decision making can be found in following areas;

  1. Assessment of Fund requirement for investment.
  2. Source of fund
  3. Selection of business area
  4. Choice of product
  5. The output has to be determined
  6. The price of the product
  7. The technology to be used for production
  8. Sales promotion

The strategic planning of the company includes investment in the growth sector and to increase its product portfolio further.

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