Adult Or A Minor

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Minors commit crimes all the time, but should they be prosecuted as an adult or a minor? There’s a big controversy on whether minors should be tried as an adult or as a minor. In most states, the law requires that juvenile cases should be transferred to adult crimes, depending on the crime. With serious cases such as murder, rape or serious violent offenses. As years are going by teen crimes keeps increasing. In 2016 over 800,000 teens were arrested of the age 18 and under.

As in result, teen crime is serious issue, but should teens be trial as an adult or as a minor when a crime is committed? One reason for the wrongdoing of convicting a teens as an adults is when they send a minor to prison at such a young age. When a teen takes in prison for a long period of time and once they get out they’re more likely to end up back in prison. Most minors that are trial as adults are placed in adult facilities and don’t get the education they need. When they are released years later as adults, they know nothing about life other than crime and are most likely to commit another crime and end up back in prison. An alternative that people have suggested is to send these teens to a type of rehab to straighten them out.

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People have said it’s a good idea to give teens another chance to better themselves instead of sending them to prison and ruin their lives for a crime they committed at such a young age. Another thing is that teens lack maturity. They’re in a stage where they don’t know any better. Minors don’t know how serious committing a crime can be. Teens brains don’t fully develop till the age of 20. Teens don’t know from right or wrong as a grown adult would. Teens tend to live in the present and not think about their future. So how can a teen be prosecuted as an adult if they don’t know any better? How can we help to prevent teens from committing crimes? There are many reasons why teens commit crimes and get into trouble.

A lot of time is when kids feel alone they tend to act out for attention sometimes, or lack of education. Sometimes parents lack on their kids needs and as a result kids tend to act out, or at school they’re being disaffects so they have no motive to try to stay out of trouble. That’s why it’s always important for adults, parents and teachers to try to reach out to kids/teens. If kids get the attention and the education that’s needed is less likely that they will act out and commit a crime. Society today shows that crime rates have increased,

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