Adolf Hitler: The Reason Behind the Holocaust

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Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in 1889. Little Adolf was no regular child, however. He was small and sensitive and grew to dislike his father.

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He strived to be an artist but could not. He grew up to be a favored military man and enjoyed wartime. He was rather upset when World War I had ended. During a prison stay, he wrote a memoir which was not taken seriously around the world. After prison, he became the dictator, becoming all powerful. Ordering the killing of numerous non-Germans to back up his pure German plan. He thought he had it made until his leaders lost faith in him. Adolf was near the end and to him, suicide was the only way out.

Keywords: Hitler, Holocaust, genocide, mental illness.

In Austria on April 20, 1889, a child was born to a customs officer, Alois and his mother, Klara. This child’s name was Adolf. He was to be the future Fuhrer of the Nazi party in Germany. However, as a child, little Adolf was far from dictator. Was Adolf Hitler’s upbringing the cause of his sadistic ways? What happened to him during his time in prison for treason? Why did he feel he needed to kill off an entire race of people? How were his officers so loyal to Adolf Hitler to do his dirty work? Can we keep something like the Holocaust from happening today?

Being born into a world where his father had such high expectations of his son becoming a government worker like himself, Adolf Hitler was far from the child his father had wanted. Young Adolf was a very sensitive child, such so that he could not be wrestled with his father as other children his age often was. He would scream and cry uncontrollably on many occasions. His father could not console him at any time. Little Adolf would run to his mother for comfort. His father could not stand this about Adolf and would spend many hours at a bar drowning his feelings. Because of his delicate nature, Adolf’s father would verbally and physically abuse him. He was coddled by his mother and developed a passionate love for her. He was a smaller boy and was delayed in his maturity development, in that he only developed one testicle which could have been the reason for his small stature and woman-like features such has his small hands and wider hips. He was very insecure about this and did not have any feelings for girls as he was growing up. He never had many friends and was very shy. He held a very deep hatred for his father and this became some of the initial fuel for the reason behind his hate for Jews.

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