Adolf Hitler and The Holocaust

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Thesis Statement: In January 1933, history was changed when Adolf Hitler was appointed the chancellor or the head of the German government as a Nazi Member with support from the military (Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia 1). Hitler was able to use his power and persuasive rhetoric to convince the German people that the Jewish people were to blame for Germany’s economic depression after WWI. Hitler gave the Germans hope for the future by sharing his vision for economic prosperity and world dominance, but it would come at a terrible price, the murder of millions of Jews in what would be known as the Holocaust.

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Adolf Hitler’s early life and life experiences Adolf Hitler’s life as a young child up to his rule in Germany was not the most ideal with his family being poor which resulted to Adolf not being able to finish high school. Adolf later applied for the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna but was denied twice (Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia 1). Adolf was later able to join the army and after a loss in WWI, he started to blame the Jews and started the concept thinking that because of them or if they had or hadn’t done this then we would have won the war. Around this time frame, Adolf was shadowing a group who we now know as the Nazi’s and was able to become interested and later in April he joined the group becoming its seventh member (M. A. Fattah 2). Now with Adolf Hitler a new member of the Nazi’s, he was able to share his views on the Jews and what he believed was correct and what he thought would help make Germany great again. Adolf had a way of words, and the Nazi’s noticed so they had him elected the head spokesmen of their group. Soon later with Hitler as the head spokesmen, the Nazi group was able to attract more people to join and with Adolf, they were able to rapidly grow in number over the spring and summer of 1920(A. Whitherbee 1).

With this increase in number the Nazi party was able to receive 6.4 million votes in the elections in 1929, increasing their popularity and with most Nazi members having majority of the seats in the German parliament, Adolf Hitler was reluctantly appointed the Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933(1). The enabling act in March 1933 gave Hilter’s cabinet full control over Germany’s government for four years (1). Reichstag Speech given by Adolf Hitler on January 30, 1939 Adolf Hitler was able reach millions of German’s with his Reichstag Speech. Adolf Hitler’s words were able to persuade the poorer and depressed Germans and helped give them enough hope for them to follow in his plans to eventually fully take out the Jews from Germany by killing them off.

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