Activelect and power harvesting system

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ActiveSteps by Activelect Co.


Activelect creates innovative power harvesting systems for households, bussiness owners and the construction sector. We are aiming to use all our resources in the most efficient way possible, offering both high returns to the shareholders and revolutionary solutions to world’s energy problems. The following business plan will summarize our methods, techniques and strategies that – we believe – will lead us to success.

Activelect Corporation was founded in 2009 by its five shareholders. We believe in the capabilites of our young, innovative and dynamic members, all of which are technology and strategy makers whose knowledge, relevant backgrounds and careers form the strong stature of Activelect.

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Activelect is introducing itself to the market with an innovative product called ActiveSteps which harvests an individuals kinetical energy when they are climbing the stairs, converts it to electrical energy and uses it to power the stair lights when needed. It has countless benefits ranging from environmental friendliness to drastically reduced construction costs. We are confident that ActiveSteps will revolutionize the power harvesting industry and encourage many similar innovations around the globe.

Our strategy for reaching such an ambitious goal is staying active, aggressive and dynamic. Activelect will fully utilize available resources to gain a significant share at this newly emerging market. We plan on incorporating various marketing, bussiness and advertisement strategies to draw attention to our company and, in the long term, help it evolve into a successful enterprise.

As a startup company, Activelect expects no income for the first year, in which full resources will be assigned for R&D to create a perfect final product. After the first year we expect Activelect to be both a financial success that brings considerable profits to its shareholders and a pioneer in the green energy systems field.

2.1 Our Vision

Our vision is to become recognized and respected as one of the premier companies that help saving the environment and natural resources by bringing useful and innovative solutions in the energy sector. By developing the necessary tools to harvest the otherwise-wasted energy from our everyday consumption, we are striving to make clean, safe, renewable and self-sufficient energy the prime source of powering the future’s demand.

2.2 Our Mission

As a business, we develop and utilize market driven economics to create demand for the self-sufficient, clean, economic and innovative energy production mechanisms.

As environmentally conscious individuals, we strive to build understanding and working relationships with the public through science-based outreach, research and demonstration.

2.3 Basic Company Information

* Name of the Company: Activelect Corporation

* Status: Corporate

* Chief Executive Officer: Cansu Türkay

It is the responsibility of the chief executive officer to align the company,

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