Achieving Objectives Through Time Management

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Are you a to-do list-maker? If yes, congratulations. Read on to become a To-Do List-MakingMaestro. If no, you likely will be after reading about ourNo-Stress No-Tech Super Time Management Tool, aspecial professional way of creating to-do lists.

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Our previous post detailed the essential steps. We learned that the No-Stress No-Tech Super Time Management Tool is like a partner that keeps you on target and accountable, realistic and thorough. You accomplish your tasks and you meet your goals. With this special approach to your to-do list, you always know where you are, where you are going, and when youwill get there. How’s that for stress relief?

If you have not had the opportunity to read the previous post, do check it out. In this post, the last in our series onprofessional time management , we are going zero in on 5 executive level tips to make sure the No-Stress No-Tech Super Time Management Tool is effective for you. These Executive Tips will streamline your lists. Follow them and you will get maximumlife hackingbenefits from your to-do listmaking.

Executive Tips for the To-Do List-Making Maestro

Exec Tip 1: Keep Lists Simple & Short

Strive to make your Main To-Do List, Day List and Future Listshort and concise. I understand your probable plight: So much to do, so little time . So, initially, your to-do lists may be lengthy and complex. However, long, detailed to-do lists can discourage and demotivate you from tackling the individual items. I find about 20 items to be manageable and doable. As you draw up your lists, you’ll refine your skills of prioritizing tasks and streamlining your lists. You might even delegate some tasks to others. Soon you’ll discover your to-do lists and your life itself can be much simpler. Bonus: Less stress. So, remember the KISS tip: Keep It Simple and Short. Remember: Listing things wont make you a good time manager. Keep taking action on your to-do’s and update your lists as necessary. Ban any procrastination! . Procrastination leads to abandonment, which lands you back to square one! Your To-Do list is a terrific time management tool to help you manage your time so that you take action with direction. View it as a virtual companion and be sure you keep it current and active.

Exec Tip 2: Be Specific on the Action

Generalities keep your tasks at a distance. Chunk them down to specifics. Then use verbs to direct yourself to get the tasks done. Example: Instead of saying,Oral presentation, say Write notecards for oral presentation. David Allen explains in his book,Getting Things Done,that projects are not tasks; projects are collections of tasks. So, chunk down your projects into action steps that you can accomplish. A seemingly insurmountable project is simply the sum of its very doable parts.

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