Accidental Discovery Of Christopher Columbus

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Many important figures have contributed to our understanding of marine exploration though not as pivotal as Christopher Columbus and his accidental discovery. Columbus is considered to be one of the greatest and well-known mariner of all time for challenging and developing ideas which allowed him to become successful. He is the reason that Europeans had come to a realization of undiscovered land of the Americas.

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Christopher Columbus took a voyage westward in search of Asia to look for an efficient way to trade by sea. The outcome of the westward voyage resulted in an accidental discovery of the New World. The first voyage leads to a deep exploration of the newly discovered Americas and their native inhabitants causing a devastating effect on their civilization. After the first voyage, Columbus leads three more expeditions to the New World which highly impacts the course of history in a significant manner.

The renowned Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in the year 1451. He learned how to sail at an early age and was self-taught. He would often read navigation and astronomy books which sharpened his skills to become a well-known mariner. Columbus was a strong believer of a spherical earth and suggested the idea of finding a more efficient way of conducting trade for a profit by sailing West to end up East (Hale pp.7). He suggested his idea to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain who surprisingly agreed and financed his expedition after being turned down by other Kings. Little did they know; the expedition would change the course of history.

Christopher Columbus prepared for the Great Voyage readies three ships known as the Nia, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. He sets sail westward on August 3rd, 1492 from the Canary Islands in hopes to find the Eastern lands. After the eighth day of being at sea Columbus and crew had lost sight of the land they had left and had not seen land for a period of thirty days. The voyage was not as easy as Columbus had expected it to be, and it was uneventful as well consisting of disputes among crew members and harsh living condition. Columbus was faced with a sudden rebellion by the crew members as they had become anxious and truculent (Philips pp.147).

According to Columbus’s diary, he had made two sets of calculations evidently to deceive the crew into believing that they had sailed less to avoid gaining their distrust and being thrown overboard for their lack of patience (Hale pp.20-21). Then came the thirty-third day, Columbus and his crew come across land since their departure. They discovered the Caribbean Islands on October 11th late at night where they eagerly waited until morning to explore the island (Philips pp.153).

As Columbus arrived at the island with his crew members he believed he had landed in India,

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