Accident Prevention and Safety Promotion for Parents and Caregivers of Infants

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At a young age children are usually in their active stage of growth which makes them more vulnerable to environmental risks when exposed to harmful factors such as excessive solar radiations. A child’s body continually develops where the rate of breathing is high and eats a lot to produce energy for growth and development. During the Early stages of development, a child is likely to encounter severe permanent damages in nervous, immune, breathing, digestive, and reproductive system that is still underdeveloped. Parents and caretakers of infants should take caution in the duration which an under-5 child is exposed to solar radiation.

The Ozone layer performs a very vital role in the protection of the earth from excessive ultra-violent radiations from the sun. Due to depletion of Ozone layer, more dangerous Ultraviolet radiation penetrates and strikes the earth surface. The radiations results in severe sunburns on infant’s skins thus weaken infant’s immune system by destroying the melanin and also may impair the visual ability of the child. In Europe, parents are warned against taking children outside at midday as infants can experience sunburns in less than seven minutes.

Health effects on an infant exposed to excess solar ray’s ranges from sunburns, skin cancer and accelerated skin aging. The beams can destroy the conjunctiva and cornea that results in optical cataracts at old age. UV damages the skin’s melanin that has the protective role in the body making body’s immune system weaker (Wu,, 2014, p.1080-1089). The damage also triggers immunosuppression of the body against a disease when body cells are destroyed.

It should be realized by parents and caretakers of infants that children need sun expose for production of Vitamin D, which; prevents the development of rickets, and also increases the rate of bones growth.

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