Access tofinance as a growth constraint for SME

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Many researchers have proved that small and medium size firms faces more constraints to access external finance as compare to large size firms. However there is no research on the factors which effects on the growth of SMEs in developing economy of Pakistan. Study shows that SME plays a key role in the economic development of the country but due to the lake of developed financial institutional structures SME sector faces obstacles to access the external sources of finance. Government should take serious steps for the monitoring and development of financial institutional system. Regardless of the increasing interest in the development of community by providing funds to SMEs there are different views regarding to the effectiveness of Pro-SME policies. older in terms of years of incorporation, large size firms and foreigh-owned firms less hurdles to access the external sources of finance as compare to the new small size and locally owned firms. Many researchers stress on the importance of all other factors which effects the business environment for all firms. These factors includes entry and exit barriers for the new entrants in the business, presence and implementation of property rights, contract enforcement, presence of information related to the firms like credit bureau, channels for external finance. Presence of competitive business environment which allows encourages the new innovative entrepreneurs. Furthermore, access to finance plays a very key role in the overall business environment rather then constructive destruction in which a large number of inefficient and low growth SMEs . This paper is going to contribute in the policy making for the SMEs.

Literature review

SMEs, business environment and growth

Studies shows that SMEs play a vital role in the economic development of the country but the imperfections in the financial institutional structure impede the progress of SMEs. Many studies at country level ad microeconomic level have reviewed the importance of SME in the industrialization process which leads to economic development ( Snodgrass and Biggs, 1996 ), on the other hand Beck et al. (2005a) studied the relationship between SME, poverty alleviation and economic growth using a cross country data base and found a signification relationship. Same sort of work has been done by Ayyagari et al. (in press) by using Cross-country data and applying regressions between GDP per capita growth and SMEs share in manufacturing Employment and showed a strong positive relationship between GDP per capita and SME share. In his study he not only controlled other variable which may effect the growth of that country but also control those variables which may become reason for reverse causation and simultaneity biases he still found a strong relationship between economic growth and SMEs. On the basis of results from this study we can conclude that SMEs do not foster the economic growth but a large share of SMEs is a characteristic of growing economy. Result of this finding is consistent with the results of Beck et al. (2005a) that a large SME sector in the economy is a characteristic of fast-growing economies,

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