About Vietnam War

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The frustration of Nixon was clearly building with the failure despite all sorts of efforts. A futile invasion of Cambodia, continued but ineffective Vietnamization policy, no cooperation from PRC, and an attempt to cripple the North into negotiations through bombing; nothing seemed to be working. This incapability to find a solution further led the Nixon administration to continue bombing on the North, with a wrong perception that raw control on the battle will gain them advantage.

After this series of failures, Nixon came up with a decent interval’ strategy. The plan was to withdraw about 150,000 troops from Vietnam in multiple phases to avoid the potentially huge protests that were likely to happen following spring. The domestic dissent was brewing faster. The Cambodian invasion was not welcomed by the majority of American public and in certain events, anti-war protestors were killed in clashes with the National Guard and the police. This led students across US to aggressively participate in demonstrations and strikes with the disbelief that they could actually be killed for practicing their freedom of speech.

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It was not just the communist allies that were resisting American interests in the South. The local people were increasingly frustrated with the idea that America had to take over the burden of their fight’. They actually had suffered far more losses of lives and livelihoods then Americans did. Thieu also look at Vietnamization policy as the American abandonment of the mess it created.

While Nixon administration intermittently carried on the efforts with NLF, DRV, and RVN in Paris seeking a bilateral withdrawal of militaries of North Vietnam and America, the North were adamant and demanded America to withdraw unilaterally along with a forced termination of Thieu’s regime.

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