About The Witch Trials In The Crucible

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How do the witch trials empower individuals who were previously powerless?

The witch trials gave people power over people that they wouldn’t have had any legal or ethical way. The witch trails propped up flawed, generally not good people, and that’s who was accusing people most of the time. In this essay we will look at people who the witch trails elevated to previously intangible heights of power, popularity, and respect and to finish I will talk about some examples of modern witch-hunts that are happening today or recently. My family used to have this thing called “Bella’s the boss” where she would choose what pizza we had, what shows and movies we watched, and the music we listened to in the car (what parents do to keep the youngest one part of the group, am I right?) and when we’d say “But Dad, this show is better”, he’d say “Bella’s the boss. Needless to say when she got old enough, and the power was stripped away, it led to many heated discussions by 4-year-old Bella. This is similar to what happened in the crucible, as you’ll see if you continue reading this essay.

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Parris is a hypocrite. He is a crooked leader of the local church in the village, and at one point lots of people would come and listen to him talk about the fiery pits of hell, and after a while people stopped showing up because they don’t need that kind of negativity in their life, but to himself he’s infallible, so the only natural reason people weren’t showing up was because the devil was leading them astray, when in reality, they’re sick and tired of hearing that shrew of a man preach about damnation and eternal suffering. The witch trials elevated him to a new level. He was seen almost as a savior… A deliverer from evil if you will. He was part of the holy court. This position of power elevated him to a position to get back at people who were talking bad about him behind his back by him accusing them of dealings with the devil,

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