About The Trail of Tears

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The Question of this project: How was the journey to finding rights, for the Cherokee nation?

The journey to obtaining rights as a Cherokee nation was a long a rough journey. The Cherokee people had 53,000 square miles of land in Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama combined but in 1802 white settlers, and President Thomas Jefferson began looking at removing the Cherokee tribe from their lands (GPB n.d.).

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In the court case Worcester v. Georgia, the Cherokee Nation looked to get a federal injunction against the laws passed by the state of Georgia because these laws denied them the rights and privileges from within the state. One year later the U.S. Supreme court ruled that the Cherokee Nation was sovereign. In other words, the state of Georgia had no right to enforce any of their state laws in the Cherokee territory. Andrew Jackson, who was President at that time, rejected the ruling of this case and ordered the removal of the Cherokee nation. The United States army forces were used in certain instances to round them up. This elimination and journey is called The Trail of Tears. Out of the 15,000 Cherokee people who left, 4,000 died on the way to Indian Territory but what is now the state of Oklahoma (FJC n.d.).

These past couple paragraphs are the official take on what happened but there is also the point of view of someone who went through it herself and her name was Margaret McGurie. In this interview she went on to explain in detail, how it was on the journey. She said, The Cherokees had to walk; all the old people who were too weak to walk could ride in the Government wagons that hauled the food and the blankets which they allowed to have.

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