About the negation of God

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Evidence of the existence of God I want to give you some evidence of the existence of God. Can I share three proofs of the existence of God and then a story of a barber and a believer? I do not know the causes of your atheism? I do not know the causes of your atheism? It may be that you do not believe in God because of your frustration when you look for HIM in the wrong way and cannot find HIM. Or maybe as a result of religious disillusionment, because they wanted to limit you to God within the limits of a particular doctrine or, perhaps, in the postulates of a political party.

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I do not know the reasons why but I do know that the first contradiction I see in your atheism is your own denial. When you say that God does not exist, you are already thinking of a concrete Being.

That been said, in your mind, you have already defined the God you deny. Other atheists who have had debates and still wrote books about the negation of God, for example, let me mention Christopher Hitchens. Question: If God does not exist, why fight against him? Can you use lives and talents against a non-existent being? If you believe that God does not exist, can you conceive it so well in the mind and then reject it? Don’t you think all of these is a little out of place? Of course, I do not intend to prove to you here the existence of God. God does not show himself, you can only feel Him, that’s all, He is alive. What I am going to do is this: among the many, many rational proofs that have been adduced to prove the existence of God, I will consider these three as well as the history. The first evidence is common sense. La Bruyere said: “I feel there is a God, and I never feel the opposite, this is enough to deduce that God exists.” Unamuno, being more violent than the Frenchman in his reasoning, was no less logical. “It is not our reason”, he shouts from the bottom of his “Tragic feeling of life”, which can show us the existence of a Supreme Reason … The living God, your God, our God, is in me, is in you, He lives in us, and we live, we move and we are in Him. “If you study the subject slowly, you will come to the conclusion that Van Steenberghen puts before you when he speaks of”

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