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Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali I Domenech best known in his artistic name as Salvador Dali was a Spanish artist born on May 11, 1904 in Figueres, Catalonia Spain. Salvador Dali was an unconventional, introverted, and rebellious man who strove the shock of people by his unique, bizarre, and iconic works of art. He was a man who stuck with his ideas, he had no trouble expressing his opinions and what he felt.

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Despite that he tried to improve distinctive techniques of art such as Cubism, futurism, and Impressionism to name a few, Surrealism was what predominated his work which gave him worldwide recognition, popularity, and fortune. Masterpieces such as The Persistence of Memory, on 1931 and The Great Masturbator on 1929, were one of his main contributions towards his success in the art Surrealism industry. Dali tried to capture objects and situations with a vision without prejudice, which lent his works somewhat strange and extravagant. His paintings showed images with his dreaming full influence that materialized with his life itself.

Dali’s experience with art was shown in his younger years as a child, but his eccentric personality was always in the way which caused him troubled throughout his whole life. He had two siblings, a sister named Anna Maria and an older brother born by nine months before him. Salvador Dali was named after his brother past away. His parents will always tell him that he was the reincarnation of his death brother. Dali’s parents were strict, therefore he didn’t have the quiet pleasant childhood he expected. His father refused Dali to do art, on the other hand, her mother encouraged him to follow his passion as an artist. His teenage years didn’t show up so well when his mother past away from breast cancer which led Dali devastated. The first step towards his art career was joining college named Colegio de Hermanos Maristas, in Figueres, Spain. Salvador absolutely had tremendous talent in drawing but somehow his particular bizarre characteristic behavior declined his abilities to succeed in college.

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