About Nuclear Weapons

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Warfare has been around since the beginning of time, sadly it is a part of human nature. There are many types of warfare, one being traditional warfare, where huge armies opposed each other using swords, shields, and many other weapons. Warfare has changed through the ages though, along with technology, therefore, presenting another type of warfare, this one bringing all kinds of new dangers.

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This new warfare has brought humanity’s most destructive weapons yet, nuclear weapons. There are a few main points that are discussed about such as, a nuclear war is likely to happen, the pro’s and con’s of nuclear weapons, and, the radioactive fallout following nuclear weapons. The possibility of a nuclear war is actually, believe it or not, quite high.

One reason for this being so, is presented by ElBaradei Mohamed, He said Nine countries have nuclear weapons and it is estimated that 35-40 have the knowledge to acquire them. (ElBaradei) The fact that 30-40 countries have the knowledge to get nuclear weapons is a big factor in the possibility of a nuclear war.chances are, one or more countries already have nuclear weapons secretly, hidden from the knowledge of other countries, yet, ready for use if needed. The reason many countries don’t have nuclear weapons is due to the cost of them Elbaradei Mohamed said The US spent $5.8 trillion on nuclear weapons. (ElBaradei) This goes to show much nuclear weapons actually cost. Therefore the countries that have a main focus of war are the countries that have nuclear weapons. Most countries simply don’t want to pay for them. Nuclear weapons can prove to have a few pro’s and a few con’s.

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