About Kennedys Presidency

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John F. Kennedy, son of the prior ambassador of Great Britain Joseph P. Kennedy and grandson of the mayor of Boston John F.

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Fitzgerald, was deliberately prepared for public service and politics by his father and was instilled with a sense of pride for the Kennedy image. When he was discharged from the Navy for medical reasons after being awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, along with the Purple Heart, Kennedy was thrust into politics by his father who had made it his goal to have one of his sons be the first Roman-Catholic president of the United States. Although somewhat detached in personality, Kennedy served with distinction and proved a dynamic leader, especially through the crisis of the Cold War. Had he not been assassinated only a little under three years into his first term as president, Kennedy would have accomplished so much more.

Kennedy rose to the presidency is 1961 due in large part to his fathers transfer of presidential ambitions from Johns older brother, Joe, to John himself. As children, the Kennedys enjoyed a privileged life thanks to their rich and politically connected Boston family, attending mostly elite, Protestant affiliated boarding schools to equip them from for the challenges of Harvard. Their access to notable tutors and leaders like Arthur Krock and Sir Winston Churchill propelled them ahead, reflecting their patriarchs drive that later determined a great deal of the familys political fortune. Before being elected, Kennedy served three terms in the U.S House of Representatives for Bostons Eleventh Congressional district and then proceeded to serve in the Senate from 1952 until his presidential victory. As President Kennedy recalled to journalist Bob Considine, I was drafted. My father wanted his eldest son in politics. ?Wanted isnt the right word. He demanded it. You know my father. Ambassador Kennedy admitted to telling John it was his responsibility to run for Congress and pushing him to do so (Watson 3-5; Simsung 467).

In the Campaign of 1960, Kennedy benefited from a well financed and well-organized campaign, his fathers wealth allowing him to outspend his opponents in the primaries while still remaining competitive in the general election. Kennedys campaign was the first to include professional pollsters and experts in television advertising, and as he won primary elections in New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and West Virginia, many of the losers claimed his fathers money bought the elections. Despite these accusations, Kennedy managed to convince Democratic leaders that he was a viable candidate, securing the nomination of the first ballot at the Los Angeles Democratic National Convention with 806 delegate votes (Sisung 469).

In terms of his running mate, Kennedy chose Texas Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson; this was a surprising move for many as Johnson had previously attacked Kennedy personally at the convention,

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