About Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

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The story took place in Costa Rica where accidents keeps on occurring day after day caused by unknown animals. News have gone around and reached the United States drawing curiosity in US doctors and scientist. There is something unusual happening in this island called Isla Nublar.

Researchers and doctors began to question, others have given their thoughts. Some explained its dinosaurs but others think that its impossible because they were extinct billions of years ago. But it is starting to happen again, in this island in Costa Rica.

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At the end of the book, some people already knew what was on that island but a lot still didn’t. The government didn’t want the news to spread around so they made those people who knew stay in their country for awhile so they can study about what those things are before word goes around. But something was happening, there might be more animals out in the jungle and they don’t know what it will do. The animals want are migrating and they don’t know what might happen next.


I think the theme of this book is about survival. Humans have always had to fight for survival against nature. Technology has a big role in helping us figure out how humans can survive when that time comes. Nature is unpredictable and that’s the biggest challenge we have to face. We have tried predicting everything but changes happens. We think we can control the outcome when in reality, we can’t. We have to adjust in what’s happening around us and accept the fact that we can’t save the whole planet.

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