About Civil Rights

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The still continuing civil rights movement for the Aboriginal people of Australia has had no influence on other movements and has not received any influence from any other movements in the world relating to indigenous, or aboriginal, people of a nation.
One of the first things to acknowledge is the similarities of oppression a colonizing power enacts upon the indigenous people encountered, and that even though they are similar they are not influenced by each other. After the colonizing power reaches the new destination it promotes genocide of the people there before the colonizing power. For example, the Mexican state Sonora put a bounty on the Apache tribe which eventually evolved to a payment of 100 pesos in 1835 for the payment of a Apache’s scalp.

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To put that sum of money into perspective 100 pesos would be about 135 USD today. After a while different oppressed groups started to scalp the Apache tribes: runaway slaves, different indian tribes such as the Shawnees (Worcester).

Captain James Cook documented the first interaction with the indigenous people of Australia in 1770, and in 1778 the first fleet arrived in Botany Bay, starting the colonization of Australia by the British. In Just 51 years the population of the indigenous people had shrank from over 1 million to 300,000 due to the spread of new diseases such as smallpox (Rayburn) . A second example of oppression from a colonizing group occured in Australia. In 1830 the newly started government offered a bounty for any Australian aboriginal people: 5?? for a full grown male and 3?? for a child (Stockton).

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