About All The Light We Cannot See by Luke Raykovicz

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In All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr proves that obstacles in life can make the characters question their beliefs and question what they think is right. Sometimes the characters have to make fast, swift decisions in order to stay alive. These choices reflect on what kind of person the character is.

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It shows us their perseverance and maturity throughout the book. They go through intense, life changing events due to the war. They lose friends, family and their most prized possessions. The characters judgement is tested when each and every one of them is called upon to make an important decision. These experiences revealed who is willing to stand up for what they believe in. In All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr proved that even if people have different backgrounds or beliefs they can be brought together do to their shared love and humanity. Marie Laura is diagnosed with a huge problem in her childhood, cataracts.

Shortly after she was diagnosed she became blind. He father buys her braille books to read in her spare time. In addition to this, Marie Laura’s father builds here a tiny model of the city so that marie laura can practice navigating.Then he lights a cigarette and goes to work on his miniatures at a workbench in the corner of the kitchen. He is building a scale model of the entire city. She rubs her fingers along the small wooden buildings so that when she is outside, she knows where she is and where she has to go if their is an emergency. Her father works at a museum and tells marie laua about a cursed stone called the sea of flames. Her father was given a job to carry a replica of the sea of flames in order to protect the real one. Due to German activity in their city, Maurie Laura is forced by her father to leave their house and search for a safer place to stay. Her father’s confidence gives marie laura hope and courage. She accepts the difficult journey because she knows that its in her father’s best interest to protect her. Similar to Maurie Laure, Werner had to move as well.

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