About a creation of history automobiles

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The most important utility in our lives as of today is automobiles, there is a lot of research and development is going in every section of the automobile field to give the safest possible vehicle to the world. One such is Brakes section; this is very important part in every vehicle, though we have most accurate and efficient brakes now-a-days, but they fail at the extreme conditions of heat , vibrations , high frequencies etc., this project is mainly concentrated on the aspects which are causing adverse affect to fail and create unusual  disturbances in the brakes. One such is brake squeal, an unwanted sound which is caused due to the vibration of the brake pads against the disc generating the high pitch noise.

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There are few other problems which leads into the high frequency problems, vibrations, tear in the brake disc etc.

Here in this project a detailed study of disc brake is taken into account by considering with two different materials cast iron and aluminium alloy. The performance of brake is studies using normal stress analysis, vibration analysis and thermal analysis. The main problem of squeal can be due to the combination of vibration in brake set-up from callipers to the brake discs. And can also due to the uneven surfaces of the brake disc which causes due to the improper heat dissipation in the brake disc, all this problems are kept into consideration and this analysis are carried out for brake disc with two different materials as mentioned. A simple change in the design of brake disc has also been done for the maximum heat dissipation and this design also studied in this extreme conditions. And these two type brake disc are compared in all its possibly calculated attributes and the best one is concluded.


An automobile is a creation of history when they started and now it has become a crucial part of the world. Automobile is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transporting passengers, good etc. There has been a lot of improvement in the automotive field in all ways from the past few decades. The main aim of the automotive department is to provide safest vehicle from its design to the material used for each component. Every single thing is decided on basis of the effect of it on the human lives. The vehicles we use are very efficient when compared with older generation vehicles, the safety increases with the development and technology. But there are few problems which are yet to be solved. One such is about brakes, as we know BRAKES are the most important part in the every moving body, we have seen very drastic improvement in the methods of braking system. In olden days the brakes were handled by hand and now we have disc brakes and hydraulic brakes.  But the whole concept of brakes is working on same principle of kinetic energy is converted into heat energy.

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