Abnormal Psychology

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Presenting symptoms

Carl Landau symptoms are behavioral and emotional. They include, he has excessive showering and washing, he studies and dresses following magic rituals. He has a behavior of coughing and hissing before taking food. When eating, he has a behavior of tossing his head. Carl is observed to walk in a manner of wiping and shuffling his feet when walking. Has a deteriorated healthy and his body is weak. He looks confused and not composed, (Carson et al., 2000). His funny physical appearance with long and dirty hair. He is always withdrawn and does not interact with anybody. He has a behavior of urinating at the corner of his room. He has stopped brushing. He wears the same close and does not wash them. He has developed a funny behavior of overturning wastebaskets and removing curtains. He has developed a behavior of selecting some food while avoiding others. Has a behavior of doing a given activity repeatedly without being occupied with another. He keeps his left hand out of shirt withdrawn making it appear as if the arm is injured. He does not sleep at night and is ever occupied with his disturbing or problematic behavior.

Background info / Personal history

Carl Landau is a 19 years old. Carl gender is a male, belonging to African American race and is single. He is a first-year student in college undertaking philosophy as his major subject. He is attached to some ceremonial rituals and beliefs and hence is culturally traditional. He has isolating behavior and does not associate himself with friends. Has a deteriorated healthy and his body is weak. Has a deteriorated behavior and he cannot keep by himself. He has emotional stress, (Carson et al, 2000). Does not engage in personal hygiene and has neglected his appearance. He has a trauma after he was harassed by his classmates. He also has long and dirty hair. Carl’s history items are relevant to his symptoms. This is because most of his history items are associated with his abnormal behavior which seems to be developing to be more complex as time goes on. His initial abnormal behavior was not as chronic as the current abnormal behavior that has turned disturbing, very complicated which has made his parent to take him to a psychiatric hospital for diagnosis.

Assigned Diagnosis

After a thorough diagnosis of Carl Landau disorder using DSM-V diagnostic criteria, I traced post-traumatic stress disorder to be the source of his emotional and behavioral change.

Rationale for diagnosis

The disorder was diagnosed using DSM-V diagnostic criteria. After focusing on various presenting symptoms, I applied DSM-V diagnostic criteria and focused on the change of behavior of Carl Landau that according to his clinical history shows that his behavioral change was observed after his classmates had harassed him, (Carson et al, 2000). His symptoms also display emotional disorder as he has even withdrawn himself from people.

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