A Worn Path Critical Analysis

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The short story A Worn Path is one of Eudora Welty’s most notable fictional stories. A Worn Path takes place in the rural South during the 1930s in the beginning of winter season. The setting of this story plays a major role of the imagery set by Welty. The brilliant use of tone and imagery by the main character helped to make the story feel real. In A Worn Path, Welty presents Christian imagery in the main character, Phoenix Jackson, from the obstacles she encounters on a journey to help a family member.

As the story opens up, right away, Welty describes the setting. The setting of the story takes place in December. The significance of the time of year is that it is close to Christmas which, according to the Bible, is the time of the birth of Christ. When thinking of the birth of Christ, things like new beginnings, new paths, and new journeys come to mind. As it ties to the main character, Phoenix Jackson, its not so much of a new path, but a new journey with new encounters that symbolizes that of the birth of Christ.

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Along with the setting, the main character’s name, Phoenix Jackson, is also an example of symbolism. The phoenix is a mythical bird that lives for several hundred years and dies in flames but is reborn again to start a new long life. (Leafloor 2014) The symbolism of the bird conveys a couple of different meanings. For example, the immortality of the bird relates to Christianity and the idea of being born again. Also, Welty compares the appearance of Ms.

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