A True Impact Of The Internet

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Our brains are under fire! Thats all that has been brought to our attention. Are our minds really being destroyed? Are we being robbed of our intelligence? Nicholas Carr made a blog and argued that Google is making us stupid. I will counter this by propelling the argument that Google is making us smarter. Google feeds our intelligence, allows a more creative approach to solving problems, helps build cognitive skill, puts an ease to our worries , and saves us time..

Google feeds our intelligence. Zimmer wrote, Humans are “natural-born cyborgs,” and the Internet is our giant “extended mind.”(Zimmer). I think its best that we get the obvious out of the way and say that Google will give us information to almost everything we want to know. It allows us to dive deep into information. Our minds store information, thus giving us more knowledge. Lucky for us, our minds expand themselves. No matter what type of pressure we are under, our brains try to deal with it. Clark and Chalmers stated in their short essay published in the Journal Analysis, The mind appears to be adapted for reaching out and making the world, including our machines, an extension of itself.(Clark,Chalmers). PBS uses data from extensive research and surveys to prove that Google helps us become more intelligent. In one survey, 895 experts were asked to answer questions on the future of the Internet and our brains. PBS states, Seventy-six percent of the respondents agreed with the statement By 2020, peoples use of the Internet will have enhanced their intelligence only 21 percent disagreed(PBS). PBS also stated, Its a mistake to treat intelligence as an undifferentiated whole(PBS). Next, I will explain how Google allows us to have a more creative approach to problems..

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Google allows us to approach our problems in a creative way.

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