A Time Management Issue

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I have spent my career trying to balance work, friends, family, college and stress. As a nurse and in life in general I often care for others instead of myself. I try to do the best job possible in everything.

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The patients come first. As a nurse you are an advocate for your patients and their needs are priority. The sports booster club keeps my busy. I try to make sure I am home and involved with my family. I make time to have conversations with my husband during our busy days even if it is through text messages. Right now I am working 8-hour day shifts and trying to fit in family time is difficult. I am new at my job and still have a lot to learn. I want to do my best every single day so I can be a great nurse and a valuable employee and team mate. I work very hard to give my patients the best care possible and to be the best nurse I can be. It is so easy to skip eating lunch because you are too busy caring for your patients. .My life is exhausting, but being busy is who I am. That being I also need to develop healthy ways to deal with stress. Sometimes all of this is overwhelming, and I feel like I will break into a million pieces when I haven’t taken time for myself.

Over the years I have tried several different ways to alleviate the stress at work. I am very good at prioritizing my time. When I need help I ask for it,

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