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Bond markets are one of the important sources of financing an enterprise, corporate and a business entity. Bond market is also called as debt, credit, or fixed income market. Bond market is a financial market with different participants buying and selling debt securities which are in the form of bonds.

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The size of the worldwide bond market is estimated at $82.2 trillion as of 2009 and the size of the outstanding U.S. bond market debt was $31.2 trillion according to BIS. Majority of the bond markets in the U.S. take place between brokers and dealers along with the large institutions in a decentralized, over the counter market. However, only a small number of bonds and primarily corporate are listed on exchanges. In this study I am going to discuss about the bond markets and their importance to both developed and developing countries in building strong economy and what are conditions that are required for the development of strong bond markets. The study is equally discussed with the developing countries like India which has a very weak bond market and the countries like Hong Kong and United Kingdom which has a developed bond markets. We will also consider the feasibility and suitability of Bond markets being developed in India and what considerations need to be made. We will also take other factors in to consideration e.g. how the development of Bond Markets will help in financing a firm and how corporate governance can maintain effective regulation of the bond markets and keep an economy growing and stimulated. One of the important aspects of this research work is to find out the conditions that are essential for the development of bond markets and the factors that influence these conditions. Different research papers relating to bond markets are studied in order to find out the different conditions that are mentioned in their research papers. Data relating to different countries are collected, tabulated and presented in the forms of graphs in order to make the analysis part more easy and accuracy. Most of the bond markets refer government bond market due to its size, lack of credit risk, liquidity and sensitivity to interest rates. Interest rates are one of the important determinants of bond market since it is inversely related to the bond markets.


A bond is a debt instrument that is issued for a specific period for the purpose of generating capital by borrowing. Different corporations, states and governments issues bonds along with the promise to repay the principal with the coupons on maturity date. Bond markets play the role of bridge between the issuers and investors.

Classification of Bond Markets

On the basis of the nature of market, nature of issuer and the issuance, bond market can be categorized into different classes.

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