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In the previous assignment, we have collected the information about the economic condition in Malaysia in 1997 to 2007. We also have collected related information about our respondents in evaluating the performance of the foreign exchange or money changer business. Our original plan in conducting this research has been stated in the previous assignment.

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But the plans are not fit to the situation due to the lack of time and the postponed of the interview session with our respondents. In order to explain this situation in detail we have provide the viewers of the research about the illustration of our action plan in carry out this research successfully.

Revising the Activity Plan for the Previous Activity and the Action Plan to be taken.

Below is the activity plan that we have been implemented in the previous task. The activities were planned in systematic way where the time period is equivalent with the activities. All the tasks have been done successfully. But not all of them are done in time. This is because the time is the obstacle for us to seek for more data which more accurate from the reliable sources such as the economic condition of Malaysia from the ministry. Other than that, the original plan was changed due to the postponed of the interview session in order to collect primary data regarding the money changer business and the performance of the business during the economic cycle. The previous activities in carry out the research can be viewed as follows.

1.1 The Gantt chart in Carry Out research in Assignment

Diagram 1: Gantt chart for activities in completing assignment 1

Indicator: Task 1: Brainstorming the ideas on determining suitable topic for research Task 2: Discussing appropriate methodology to be used to carry out research Task 3: Discussing on the suitable date for interview session Task 4: Discussing about the question to be asked in interview Task 5: Discuss on how to collect information regarding the topic Task 6: Decided to do all the tasks together and no one is responsible for a particular task Task 7: Finding information about exchange rate and money changer business in Kuala Lumpur Task 8: Finding information about economic cycle in Malaysia from 1997 to 2007 Task 9: Discuss about literature review and completing the assignment The Gantt chart above shows the activities or tasks that we have been carried out in this research. There are gaps between the tasks mostly in the beginning of this research. This is because we only do this research in weekdays and writing the reports in weekends. This Gantt chart is produce after we submitted the first assignment because we find difficulties in producing effective chart to explain the activities planned.

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