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In first chapter of my work I wo The term “microfinance” is often used to express loans and other services from providers that identify themselves as microfinance institutions (MFIs). “More broadly, microfinance refers to a movement that envisions a world in which low-income households have permanent access to a range of high quality financial services to finance their income-producing activities, build assets, stabilise consumption and protect against risks” [1] . The main idea of the concept of microfinance is to enable the poorest people in developing countries to gain access to financial services.

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Microfinance creates financial markets and builds structures in isolated, forgotten regions and some banks are buying off a whole scale of portfolios or numbers of microfinancial institutions nowadays. The muld like to describe the utilization of microfinance in general. In this part I will define the sector of microfinance placing emphasis on MFIs. I would like to outline the situation concerning the microfinance in Sub- Saharan Africa as well. Second chapter of my work will devote to the utilization of microfinance in Asia. Firstly, I will describe economic situation in Asian countries, in general. Then I will sketch out something more about MFIs in Asia. In third and last chapter of my work I will compare MFIs in Africa and Asia via microfinance indicators. I will divide indicators into five core areas which are usually used to measure performance of MFIs. The concept of microfinance is surely a good idea which can be proved by the fact the concept has become one of many priorities of the United Nations and nowadays it is part of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) [2] as an instrument for poverty reduction. Moreover, the year 2005 was proclaimed as the International year of Microcredit. In general, the concept of “microfinance” brings lots of advantages such as the improvement of socio-economic conditions of people in developing countries, new experience and capabilities or the growth and continuity of incomes. On the other hand, there are lots of negative opinions and criticism involving the fact, that microfinance is not for all people. There are countries, where microfinance is determined for people, who have already had their bank accounts or own possession. In their opinion, microfinance is not self-sufficient and it is not possible to sustain it without subsidies. Some people also say that poor people buy themselves a job via microfinance.

Microfinance in Africa

Africa in general

While talking about Africa in general, it is necessary to say that it is the second largest continent and the second most populous continent in the world. According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Africa had the population of about 964.5 millions in 2007 [3] . Except of its huge total area or the number of population,

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