Study Of Job Stress Among Employees Of Accenture Call-centre In Bangalore

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In all walks of life, people suffer from some degree of stress due to factors known and unknown. The causes may be the increasing complexity of modern living, insecurity in work environment, growing confusion regarding the future, etc. Stress may be lead to psychological, social and physiological disorders. Individuals need to learn ways and means of effectively copying with stress. The work place has become ever more demanding of our time and effort. With the increased efficiency and productivity brought to us by the computer and communication innovations of recent years, you would think that life would be easier. But we have been carried into an increasingly frantic work-day by the need to master ever more complicated technology; to be quicker, faster and more innovative; and to advance and make more money. There is less time for lunch, for leisure, for family. Even when we are away from the job, we can be reached or hooked into a weekend project by computer and the internet. With work demands more and more intrusive in our lives, we may experience subtle but progressive symptoms of physical and psychological stress. In today’s world, stress has become a common phenomenon and it is so widespread that people and organizations should be concerned about how to manage it more effectively. Pressures to perform in a climate of rapid economic and technological change, especially in developing countries like India, cause stress. It is a fact that stress affects individual and organizational productivity and strategies to cope with stress requires greater attention. “Everybody talks about what stress is, but nobody knows what it is”

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What is Stress?

Stress refers to physiological, psychological & behavioral reactions to events appraised as threatening or exceeding one’s level of coping responses and options.


An important part of one’s life is that there are various causes that lead to a great deal of stress in one’s job or work. Work related stress is of growing concern because it has significant impact on the productivity of the employees, resulting in economic implications for the organization. Work stress may be due to both ‘on the job factors’ and extra-organizational factors’. On the job factors are as follows: 1. Poor working conditions, workload & monotony. 2. Role conflict and role ambiguity. 3. Lack of promotional opportunities, policies and job insecurity. 4. Poor relationships at work. 5. Poor organizational culture. Over & above these, there are extra-organizational stressors that interact with ‘on-the-job factors’. These are family problems, personal problems and social problems. Stress can cause a disturbance in sleep, loss of appetite or libido.

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