A Story About Miner Struggles

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Miner Struggles

     When the gold miners arrived in california, mining was extremely dangerous and delicate. There was no guarantee for success. Many of them never even found gold after they had spent most all of their life savings, left their homes, friends and families.

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Many even said One of every five miners who came to California died within 6 months.” Political instability and revolution, class tension, economic depression and repression are some of the world-wide events and conditions that set the stage. These tensions also caused crime, recklessness, and racism in California. Wars and other kinds of fightings were also caused by the Gold Rush.

 (four men gathering gold from the American River)

Getting There

     Living back in the old days was hard, especially during the 1800’s. Over this period the earth shaped. The people during this time there was a gold rush and people took a journey to Sacramento, California. At this time California had 86,000 inhabitants. From all over the world in 1848 all brave men came to seek their fortune in California. Almost like the Oregon trail they traveled by wagon or foot. It was a struggle for people. It took over 9 months to get to California.

     California was admitted as the 31st state of the Union in 1850. John Sutter found the gold but it made his life worse in his words, He would’ve been the wealthiest man on earth. Instead of being rich he was ruined.

     I have my own story, I just heard about the fortune in California.

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