A Significant Role Of Integrity

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In Amy Andersons article Success will come and go, but Integrity is forever she emphasizes the importance of honesty and building a respectful reputation and argues that it is more important than cutting corners because in the long run it is more beneficial. She provides numerous real-world examples of how people cut corners and lose their integrity as a result. With people promising things they cannot deliver and lying in order to maintain their status, Anderson argues that society no longer values the importance of integrity. Things in the world regarding integrity need to change.

In fact, Anderson provides the cause as to why integrity is now disregarded in modern society. She explains that it is because of the few success stories of corrupt men who never get punished for their mentalities. When people who succeed find ways to cut corners, it sets an example to all of society and they begin to mimic them, creating a large group of people who no longer value the trait of honesty. With honesty comes a good reputation, and Anderson argues that, in the long run, integrity will last longer than success. When finding a good job on the market, recommendations that say you have integrity will be more beneficial. Not only that, but a reputation of integrity can create an atmosphere of good friends who have the same mentality as you. If you are known to be a person who always is honest, then people are going to hold you at a higher standard, giving you a good reputation not only in the job world but personal as well. Overall, Anderson advocates for integrity and argues that society needs to prioritize it in their life if they want successful life.

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