A Shipwreck of Faith

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In Daniel Defoe’s book Robinson Crusoe, the main character endures many battles along his adventures while entering adulthood. As Robinson Crusoe journeys across the seas, God makes Crusoe enduress many trials. First, starting from when he sets off to sea, disobeying his parents wishes in the process, to encountering many shipwrecks, and lastly the opportunity of sharing his growing faith with others. By Crusoe encountering these many obstacles, it goes just to show how having a weak foundation in faith can reveal many unwanted paths.

Christianity plays a major role in this well-known piece, as this is the biggest obstacle Crusoe is struggling with right from the jump. Crusoe’s father had a life plan set for him ever since he was little. He wanted his son to become a great lawyer, as stated, my father…designed me for the law(Defoe 9). This was not in Crusoe’s heart obviously, as it was set for the ocean. Crusoe completely ignores what his father was trying to accomplish for his son, and set sail for the great adventure that the seas had to offer, showing us our first Christianity reference. In the Bible, the story of the prodigal son is a story of how two brothers both get share of their father’s inheritance. The father warns them to be careful of how they use such money, but only one son listens, as the other ignores his father and adventures what the world has to offer (New International Version, Luke 15.11-13).

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Crusoe is unaware of his actions as he has not developed a deep and prolonging faith within the religion of Christianity itself. In the beginning, he is what most Christians would describe as a lukewarm Christian. What this means in simpler terms is that he knows what Christianity is and says he believes in the customs and aspects of the religion, but does not live his life according to what is being described within the Bible itself. With the current situation that Crusoe is found within the beginning of the story, this takes a toll on his future escapades as his weak mind and faith have him struggle in the battles soon to come.

As time moves on, Crusoe soon finds himself shipwrecked with nowhere to go. He is captured by Turkish pirates, who make Crusoe and many others their slaves. Slavery was very popular back in the time of Robinson Crusoe, so it was not looked as a terrible matter as seen today. Still, for Crusoe, he was going through a lot mentally, as one went from slave owner to slave is a drastic change in roles. Seeing this happening, readers could suggest that this was an act of God humbling Crusoe, and showing how little he was compared to everything else that was surrounding him every day,

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