A Rogerian Recipe of the Secret Ingredient to Solving America’s Obesity

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The secret to weight-loss has finally been discovered. Over the past few decades, America’s obesity rates among adults and children have been continuously increasing. This rise of obesity in America is so severe, that it has now been deemed an epidemic.

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Not only is this a public issue of American society, but an even larger issue of individual health concerns leading to diseases, illnesses, and even death. The food industry has slowly begun taking baby steps towards creating a healthier future for Americans. David Freedman, author and contributing editor of Atlantic and Inc. magazines, publishes many research-based articles regarding science, technology and health issues in America. In his essay, “How Junk Food Can End Obesity,” Freedman focuses on how fast food restaurants can utilize modern food processing techniques to decrease portion sizes, calories, and percentages of carbs, fats, sugars, and salts in meals. Freedman argues that the wholesome-food revolution, and its opposition towards food processing, is impeding on the progress of the one solution that could actually effect the obese population. Freedman also argues how many companies and restaurants, that advertise as “healthy” in efforts of encouraging dietary changes in consumers, are misleading and not as healthy as consumers may believe. Although Freedman offers valid, achievable theories and supporting arguments in his essay “How Junk Food Can End Obesity,” he overlooks the fact that nutritional education is, above all, the most impactful solution to ending the obesity epidemic.

David Freedman poses a valid argument that, ironically, the wholesome-food movement is hindering the progress that modern food processing technology is making towards a healthier America. Freedman fights to discredit the efforts made by the wholesome-food movement to slow the obesity trend, by arguing that many of these companies advertising their products or dishes as “healthy” are, “…in any case, as caloric and obesogenic as anything served in a Burger King” (511). Freedman fights to prove that many companies are misleading by advertising their products and ingredients with labels such as “healthy,” “natural” or “wholesome,” with no genetically modified ingredients, processing, or artificial flavors. Freedman chooses to use a “wholesome” product he found, the Vegan Cheesy Salad Booster from Living Intentions, as an example. This product boasts its health benefits of enhancing the diet with spirulina, chlorella, sea vegetables, unprocessed ingredients, and no genetically modified ingredients. Freedman argues, “[w]hat the stuff does contain, though, is more than three times the fat content per ounce as the beef patty in a Big Mac (more than of the calories come from fat), and four times the sodium” (512). This situation is not a rare occasion. Located all throughout stores and restaurants, are items that scream “healthy” to entice consumers to purchase them. Uneducated consumers who do not read the nutrition labels are fooled into eating products that may not be as healthy for them as they have been tricked into believing.

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