A Research On Conflict Resolution

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Conflict is a part of our lives; however, what we can do is to make sure it doesn’t have the power over our lives. What I learned in conflict management skills may be hopeless because learning these tools cannot make conflict go away; yet, what it can do is make us deal with conflicts when they do happen in everyday life. To explain more properly, I will separate my own conflict assets and the assessment results.

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Whether I agree or disagree, and then form a definitive perspective about myself in relation to conflict. While taking the Conflict Styles Assessment, I found that my highest score was in compromise, collaboration, and accommodation, making these types my main styles. My score was low in avoidance and competition, both of these styles I considered my secondary. I took the test and my scores on all of the five conflict style. Avoidance: 12, Competition: 14, Compromise: 25, Accommodation: 14, and Collaboration: 25. While contrasting my results with my initial conflict management style. Avoidance, my avoidance was fairly low for myself but the quiz ranked my avoidance slightly higher. “Avoidance happens when we let denial, joking, and procrastination rule conflict”. (Wilmot & Hocker, 2011, p. 151)

Competition, shockingly for me, ranked highest in a personal setting. My own ranking was lower then what I ranked. “When conflicts are seen as fights to be won, and tempestuous selfish behavior is employed, it is a good bet that competition is at hand” (Wilmot &Hocker, 2011, p. 157)

Compromise, my compromise is lowest in the results. I ranked myself a few points higher then the results. “Both parties engaged in conflict that equally gain and lose for the greater good are engaging in compromise” (Wilmot & Hocker, 2011, p. 163).

Accommodation, my accommodation score was the most very similar and I ranked almost the same result. “The key element for accommodation is setting personal and individual needs aside for another,

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