A Reflective Review on a Management Project

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Part A. The project was not so challenging for me as one of our group member works there. So it was easy for us to ask permission from Manager of Hospital to do research. XXX Rest Home and Hospital is for elderly people, and its about helping, so it was really nice to do research there.

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My focus and observation was to complete the research and provide solutions to the manager about its existing problems. I had good opportunity to learn new skills. I got chance to communicate with different people of different status, religion, values. I got chances to do presentation, attend meeting with staffs, doing interviews and problem solving and time management skills. No, my perception was not changed after finishing the research. The research is on Hospital and I have worked in hospitals as staff, so it was easy for me to know the basic things. As it was a good opportunity to learn new skill like time management, problem solving, so it was good work for me. During the whole process I was helped by my friends, so it was more effective. This research was an opportunity to learn new things, which I did not know before. I was more curious and seeking something new, so I learn how the Hospital runs, how they do quality management. I will try to make it more effective. I would like to avoid extra time. I would like to go more on depth, to maintain good standard and to make good presentation. I’d like to conduct interviews with more staffs and clients, to know more about hospital. Group was good and effective. It was a great experience working in a group. On the first meeting we decided the place of research, had research on website and one of our group member is working there so she share his knowledge and about that Hospital. Second meeting was to know the problems about that hospital. We had discussion on that topic. We knew our individual responsibility. One group member was given responsibility to conduct meetings. Then we wrote down every group decisions and problems we had during research, which made easy for us writing this assignment. We had good group dynamic, we did not run away from our responsibilities. We learn from one another, as we had different views, ideas and way of thinking. We had support to each other and it gave me confidence. As an exception, sometimes time management was not good, as all of we are working and sometime it was hard for us to manage time and it was frustrating not to finish work on time. Even through the difficulties, we did our work on time and group communication, dynamic was excellent. Part B. The Problem Solving Process Selected From The Project Process.

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