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A Reflective Review on a Management Project

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Part A. The project was not so challenging for me as one of our group member works there. So it was easy for us to ask permission from Manager of Hospital to do research. XXX Rest Home and Hospital is for elderly people, and its about helping, so it was really nice to do research there. My focus and observation was to complete the research and provide solutions to the manager about its existing problems. I had good opportunity to learn new skills. I got chance to communicate with different people of different status, religion, values. I got chances to do presentation, attend meeting with staffs, doing interviews and problem solving and time management skills. No, my perception was not changed after finishing the research. The research is on Hospital and I have worked in hospitals as staff, so it was easy for me to know the basic things. As it was a good opportunity to learn new skill like time management, problem solving, so it was good work for me. During the whole process I was helped by my friends, so it was more effective. This research was an opportunity to learn new things, which I did not know before. I was more curious and seeking something new, so I learn how the Hospital runs, how they do quality management. I will try to make it more effective. I would like to avoid extra time. I would like to go more on depth, to maintain good standard and to make good presentation. I’d like to conduct interviews with more staffs and clients, to know more about hospital. Group was good and effective. It was a great experience working in a group. On the first meeting we decided the place of research, had research on website and one of our group member is working there so she share his knowledge and about that Hospital. Second meeting was to know the problems about that hospital. We had discussion on that topic. We knew our individual responsibility. One group member was given responsibility to conduct meetings. Then we wrote down every group decisions and problems we had during research, which made easy for us writing this assignment. We had good group dynamic, we did not run away from our responsibilities. We learn from one another, as we had different views, ideas and way of thinking. We had support to each other and it gave me confidence. As an exception, sometimes time management was not good, as all of we are working and sometime it was hard for us to manage time and it was frustrating not to finish work on time. Even through the difficulties, we did our work on time and group communication, dynamic was excellent. Part B. The Problem Solving Process Selected From The Project Process. First we wrote down the possible problems that may have in Hospital. We had discussion on those problems and we decided to research about those problems. During the research I use following steps;
  1. Identify the problem: we focused to identify the problems that are existing in XXX Rest Home and Hospital. We did interview to manager, clinical leader to discuss about the existing issues of XXX Rest Home and Hospital. After interview we did discussion and analyzed to find the problems.
  2. Analyse the problem: during analysing the problem, we gather information from staffs, clients and respected people also we had observation. Though the discussion we came to know the problem of communication and not having team dynamic. Staffs had communication barrier with some clients, and they need to buy and fix equipments.
  3. Conforming solution: we did research in the problems; we had power points from tutor to find the possible solution for the problems.
  4. Implementation of solution: we gave the list of solutions to the manager and hope they implement the solutions.
I think working in new ways and with new skill are better way to understand it in depth. I prepared list of questioners for staff and distribute on them. I also did interview to manager to discuss about solving problems. I made sure all the data are applicable for research. I did very good planning and collect the evidence needed for research. I was seeking for appropriate solutions. So the questionnaires was not given to all staff, some staffs are in different shifts and the answers were confidential. If I can do problem solving again I would like to record interview and ask more questions to staffs. I will like to observe staffs for long time, how do they behave and how do they treat clients. The decision making process you selected as part of your project process. Personally I think Autocratic style is the best strategic in decision making process. This style doesn’t bring major problems. I will use management theories properly and instruments for data gathering. We use Six thinking Hat as the tool for decision making. This tool was used on all objectives. This tool was done on staff training, manual handling, and staff attendance. The decision making process was effective for our research. This helped us to look on every aspect on detail. So the decision making process was kind of easy for us. But some time it was difficult to use Six thinking Hat, as it is confusing some times. If I can do again then I would like do more reading and gain knowledge on the related topics, to make decisions accurate and effective. Before make any decisions I would look for the consequences it brings. The research method you selected as part of your project process For research methods we used interviews, questionnaires, observation. We also conducted interview with manager, residents, staffs, resident’s family and we gathered information we needed. Observation was good because we knew how the staff works, their attitude, how they treat clients. We came to know about daily routine of XXX Rest Home and Hospital. It was very effective during the research. Interview was very good and effective because it was done face to face. The topics were discussed with the manager and clinical leader. This helped us to know their values, leadership style. Questionnaires were very effective; it helped us to know residents view and their family perception about XXX Rest Home and Hospital. They gave their thinking about the services of the Hospital. We looked to website also to know mission and objective of XXX Rest Home and Hospital. These methods were very effective during our research. We put our great effort to gather information. We divided the task equally for all of us. To make research effective we discuss the confessional topics. We made sure that we gather effective data. We had great team dynamic. We did not use statistical analysis. We did our research within the premises of Hospital. We just wrote down the information. Yes planned research instruments used:
  • Set the question in organized way
  • Maintain confidentiality of information
  • Gathered data in absolute term.
If the project needs to do again, I would use the same methods as it is helpful and appropriate. The management of the project process We did not use any standard management model during the process. We used different approaches during the process. We planned the project properly and we did not have many approaches to reduce difficulties. It was a good team work, we team members were from different cultural background, it was a good experience working with them. We try to give our best in the research; we bear the responsibility so it was not hard task for us. If I had to do this project again, I would improve time management and make good group dynamic. Application of management concepts
  • Controlling
  • Organizing
  • Planning
Controlling is very necessary for quality management. We all controlled the tasks that were designated or given to us. We made sure that we do not try to control each other because this was a group project and all the group members believed in each other’s strengths. Organizing is the way to take the research in a way. We organized time for observation, group meetings, and interviews in a systematic way. Planning was very useful during the research. We planned the time table and the task we need to finish. We used the principle of ethical research, we sent official letter to ask permission to do research on the hospital. Critical review of the solutions your team proposed to the managerial problem From the research we provide numbers of solutions, and they are discussed below:
  • Communication between manager, staff and residents: there should be good communication between manager, staff and residents. Good communication helps them to provide quality services and it also reduces misunderstanding and miss concept.
  • Encourage people to be a volunteer to help the caring service for residents.
If the hospital have financial problem then they can look for volunteer care givers. This is the best way to provide person centre care, and they do not need to pay also. Volunteer makes the work fast.
  • Increase the number and quality of equipments.
In order to provide quality care hospital needs to improve the quality of equipments. .
  • Education of time management to manager and staff.
Regular training programmes encourage staffs to provide quality care. Training can improve staffs skills and provides knowledge. These solutions can make facilities services much better and quick. This will attract client in this hospital. I believe these solutions are effective to implement and the result will better.
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