A Reflection on the Ojibway

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The Ojibway are an indigenous group of people who reside in Canada. These individuals share similar beliefs with the people from the neighboring Cree region. Their culture and traditions have persisted despite efforts to modernize the region. They hold a peculiar belief about food where they have grouped foods into two categories. The first category is the Indian food which they perceive to be healthy. The other group is the  white mans food which they believe is unhealthy (Gittelshon et al., 1996, p. 365).

In a bid to understand these beliefs and their relation to diabetes, Gittelshon and his team embarked on a research study which will be the focus of this text. After analyzing these beliefs, we will develop a health intervention plan that best suits this group of people. Lastly, the student will establish the levels of the social-ecological model that the intervention would operate. Public Intervention Plan Diabetes is prevalent in aboriginal populations worldwide.

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The problem is especially rampant in Canada where studies indicate that indigenous groups have a prevalence rate that is 3-5 times higher than the rest of the population in Canada (Ho, 2006, p. 88). Similarly, these studies indicate that these groups have a higher chance of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. In their research, Gittelshon and his team attributed these high risks to the beliefs and attitudes that these indigenous groups especially the residents of Obijway-Cree have developed and simultaneously refused to let go. The researchers applied qualitative research methodology and were able to gather a significant amount of information. Diabetes in this region is perceived to result from the consumption of white mans food.

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