A Process of The Louisiana Purchase

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The Louisiana Purchase, made in December 1803, was a generous offer of land through the Louisiana Treaty between the French and the United States. This gracious offer was made by Frenchman, Napoleon Bonaparte who originally planned to only sell New Orleans to the Americans for $10 million, but in the view of their need for cash to pay for the war between Great Britain, they sought to raise the price of their land.

The purchasing of the Louisiana Territory ultimately allowed the U.S. to temporarily take over New Orleans and enabled farmers to trade in the west with Native Americans. After the French and Indian War, Spain had gained the Louisiana Territory but soon after, signed a secret treaty to return their land. The French had to come up with ways to fund the European war debt without the distraction of another land, it was also believed that their decision was made due to failure of the French to put down a slave revolution in Haiti, the war with Great Britain and the possible naval blockade of France caused the French to want to sell Louisiana. French refused to be involved with revolts occuring in the Haiti territory because it would affect the French economy immensely.

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At the end of April, though, this overnight purchase was a small price to pay for the deal of the century, President Thomas Jefferson bought the whole Louisiana Territory for just $5 million more due to Napoleon Bonaparte’s generosity, which ultimately added up to $15 million. The Louisiana Territory stretched from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River,

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