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CLINICAL LEGAL EDUCATION: A PROBABLE SOLUTION TO ISSUES IN GLOBAL LEGAL EDUCATION “…the rigid demarcation between the ‘academic’ and vocational’ stages needs to disappear; what is required is a new partnership between the universities and the professional bodies at all stages of legal education and training.” (ACLEC, 1996) Introduction Education is not simply about training an inquiring and empirical mind. It is not solely about producing that, which can rehearse, disassemble and analyse the most recondite fact. To do that is valuable but there must be training of intelligence that is at the same time, a training of sensibility, a discipline of thought which is also discipline in scrupulous sensitiveness of response.

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To meet the demands of education and especially of legal education, endeavours should be made to bridge the gap between theory and practice, which might prove to be vital to provide a remedy for other problems in the educational curriculum. Towards this objective, various Bar Associations and Universities are setting up legal clinics. The object of this paper, thus, is just not to explore the extent to which the Langdellian revolution[1] has isolated legal education from the practicing Bar (as some academicians would argue), but to forward the concept of legal clinics to deal with the problems which the current legal education suffers. The legal sphere suffers massively from the problems with vocational, ethical, technical and cultural dimensions. It is pertinent that newer and innovative methods are sought to solve these problems, which make the condition of the profession deplorable. It is proposed in this paper that clinical legal education if properly channelled may go to great lengths to make the legal education free from the vices which have crept in. Global Legal Problems: The global legal education is fraught with several problems, be it cultural, vocational, technical or ethical. Each one of it has the capacity to jettison the future aspirations of the current legal education. The most important issue is the diversity in cultural climate. In the latter fifty years of the 20th century, notions of an ideal that were fundamental to an older ideal of law have declined. “To suggest today that a professional class should represent an ideal of manners and aesthetics in which, most important for the law, fair play and civility are signal virtues, and the ‘right’ is distinct from the ‘win’ or the ‘profit’ is to open oneself to changes both of both elitism and of naiveté.[2]” The professional is now seen as interested more in the self that in the client and more interested in the clients’ return for more business than that some notion of justice or any other goal be served. The degradation has, perhaps, sped the cultural inflation of the nature of credentials,

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