A Phenomenon Of Renaissance

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One recalls the not-so distant polemics around the place of Islam in the European Renaissance. What if Europe did not owe its knowledge to Islam? Many historians reject the idea that the science of the Greeks has been transmitted to the West by the Muslim world. Contrary to the crescendo that has been repeated since the 1960s, European culture, in its history and development, has much to do with Islam.

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The division of the world between the West and the East goes back to ancient Greece, and for a thousand years, it has played out an eternal confrontation between two conceptions of the world. During the Middle Ages, two civilizations faced each other. One mixed Greek heritage with the message of the Gospels, the scientific spirit rooted in a religious tradition of which the Church was the guarantor. The other was the daughter of the Book of God, the Uncreated Book. It was primarily moored to its central axis, the Quran.

And it is, of course, in France that the Renaissance appeared. It represented for this nationalist historian a break with the dark age of the Middle Ages, a victory of the ideas of Reason, Truth, Art and Beauty. The Renaissance is truly the definitive portrait of an Italian phenomenon of the fifteenth century. This therefore allowed the creation of the modern individual characterized by the revival of classical culture. This vision shaped our imagination and led us to understand the Renaissance not as a historical period but as a spirit that seems to define more the ideal of these intellectuals for the nineteenth century than the historical reality.

One of the problems with these classical definitions of Renaissance is that they celebrate the achievements of European civilization to the exclusion of all others, especially where laws applied to guard humanity (Code of Hammurabi). Introducing The Persian Empire as a celebrated culture, because of its particularly intelligent way in governing. Each province was governed to the nine, which is perfectly reflected in how Hammurabi sought to keep his law down to each detail, “These judgments of righteousness did Hammurabi the mighty king confirm, and caused the land to take on a sure government and a beneficent rule (Code of Hammurabi 3). Driven by success, organized and logically placed governance set the stage for western society to take after. The Persian government system further created social as well as political examples for empires that would later rise into society.

Beginning with the greatest empire yet, the Persian Empire, King Cyrus began expanding the boundaries of Persia into the neo-Babylonian empire – one of the greatest early western civilizations. Through expanding its boundaries, the Persians focused on increasing trade throughout their kingdom. The Persian Empire became an extraordinary empire that was multi-lingual,

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