A Marketing Management Assignment

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 Marketing Management

    1. Before 2007, after analyzing its customer base, Fujitsu realized its selling strategies needed to be changed. The customers it was targeting were widely spread and not properly marketed to.

This discrepancy in marketing efforts can be measured by the type of efforts exerted by Fujitsu Services Limited. There are several rules of marketing which a company should keep in mind when approaching its customers. However, before identifying these rules, it is important to consider the focus of the marketing efforts. If a company wants to launch a new brand, a more generalized approach would introduce the brand to the world. However, in order to reach a more specific customer base which will eventually be the potential customer base, companies need to pool their resources in understanding how and where to do so. Starting off on the wrong foot, Fujitsu amended by diverting their attention to a private-sector customer base, what they called Sector Mapping. Instead of putting too much effort to bring in few customers, they started capitalizing on larger and more vital opportunities by relationship-building.

  1. The four Ps of marketing are crucial in determining the flow and success of a business’ marketing campaigns.

For large corporations such as multinational companies the services should be offered through personalized forums. Assuming the relationships Fujitsu has with its customers is built on trust, it can access the forums and networks which exist inside these corporations and make an impact throughout the different levels of hierarchy. Personal selling has gained massive importance where promotion is concerned. The services should ideally be placed at centers and institutions where Fujitsu’s customer base largely exists. Another clever placing strategy would involve setting up next to the competitors. Exhibitions or IT Fairs will serve as fruitful placing opportunities for Fujitsu. The remaining two Ps are perceived to be more important in comparison to place and promotion (McDaniel and Hise, 1984). Fujitsu has the luxury to set high prices because it is targeting a considerably well-off consumer base and offering high quality services. Lastly, the overall product should look appealing. In the case of services, customers should be attended to by helpful salespeople. In case of complaints, a hotline should be available at all times with operators speaking at least two languages familiar with the large customer base. Marketing-Mix_arabic.jpg

  1. Firms try to outdo each other by introducing ideas which were not tapped before. In simpler words, firms try to reach out to consumers and amplify their reach by tapping niche markets. By doing so, they implement the blue-ocean strategy whereby they identify the areas of the industry which are non-existent and not affected by competition (Kim and Mauborgne, 2004). Marketing to a niche will enable Fujitsu to gain competitive advantage over other IT firms in the industry.

Another strategy which helps firms in gaining competitive advantage is the red ocean strategy. According to this strategy,

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